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Some Tidbits About Your Teeth

April 16, 2021

Oral health is highly interconnected with your overall health. Therefore, it’s best to pay close attention to your teeth and gums. Teeth help us to bite and chew but until and unless the tooth starts troubling us, we usually put them on the back burner. 

But there is a lot more to know about your lovely pearly whites. Check them out!

1. A tooth can emerge and develop slowly backward or even upside down. Few cases, for example, teeth crowding or when baby teeth don’t fall out on time can cause adult teeth to shift in the bone.

2. Even when your tooth is still below your gum, it can be affected by a cavity. When bacteria slowly reach below the gums in the periodontal pocket, they can grow and spread and also cause harm to adult teeth that still haven’t appeared.

3. Most people do not usually realize that they have bad breath. You gotta check your breath by scraping your tongue with a tongue scraper or floss and then give it a sniff. If your mouth is clean and healthy you won’t notice any foul smell. Bad breath generally occurs because of dry mouth or debris stuck between your teeth or from few medications or certain diseases.

4. Do you know that your tooth is much like an iceberg? Only 1/3 of your tooth’s complete size is visible above your gum.

5. In America, adult teeth are calculated 1-32, beginning just on the top right. If you count across the top are numerals 1-16, getting to the back lower left with tooth number 17, and finishing on the bottom right with tooth numeral 32.

6. Nevertheless, baby teeth are lettered A-T. They are figured in a similar process, though, beginning on the upper right and going across and down, with tooth T as the back, right tooth.

7.  Antidepressants are a major cause of tooth enamel issues.

8. Unlike bones, our teeth are one of the only things that our bodies are incapable to heal.

9. Our baby teeth are medically termed as ‘deciduous’, which is derived from the Latin word “decidere.” It means to fall off or be shed (just like leaves of a deciduous tree).

10. Refrain yourself from consuming diet sodas or citrus drinks as they are unhealthy for your teeth! Even though these drinks are being marketed as one of the miraculous solutions for your waistline, they do contain the same acids in them that can erode your tooth enamel gradually. And we all know that sugar can cause cavities.

11. When you swim in overly chlorinated pools, it can wear away the tooth enamel if you are a frequent swimmer. 

12. We may notice that few people have baby teeth that do not come off. These teeth are also called retained baby teeth and they can be a result of the absence of permanent teeth to replace them.

13. As per studies, less than 200,000 Americans have an ankylosed tooth. It implies that the tooth root is permanently fixed to the jaw since the protective periodontal ligament around it is no longer present. One suspected cause for this is severe dental trauma.

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