Lifetime Smiles Program

No Insurance? No Problem!

Johnson Dental has created the Lifetime Smiles Program to assist our vision of providing affordable access to quality dental services for those wishing to maintain excellent oral health without the difficulties involved with dental insurance. Dental insurance is rapidly changing, especially for adults. Affordable dental care may be burdened by high deductibles.

With a strong emphasis on prevention, our program encourages routine professional care and conservatively addresses issues before they become bigger problems.

A beautiful and healthy smile is one of your best assets, and we want to help you keep it. Remember, consistent dental care leads to a smile that can last a lifetime!

Membership Benefits:

Refer 3 people, in a calendar year, and receive a free dental cleaning!

  • All recommended yearly hygiene appointments
  • 2 Doctor exams per year
  • All necessary annual x-rays
  • 5-10% off ALL dental services*
  • Eligible for MEMBERS-ONLY promotions:
    • Buy one dental product, get one ½ off
    • Teeth whitening $50 off
    • $50 off one splint adjustment
    • Complimentary emergency exam
    • Buy a Johnson Dental gift card for others, get $25 off $100 purchase
    • Johnson Dental deals at local area businesses
    • Drawings throughout the year with great prizes for our members
    • Refer a friend and both get $50 in your dental savings account

*20,000 max. 5% standard with 10% promotions throughout the year

Our Dental Health Savings Membership is designed for those with or without dental insurance.  It’s a membership with benefits; it’s not insurance.  In fact, we think it’s better than insurance.  It pays 100% of your preventive care with zero co-pay.  Plus there are benefits for every service we provide.  And more important, it will ensure that you can keep the schedule of preventive visits prescribed to best maintain your health, not limited by insurance company rules.

Unlike dental insurance with pages and pages of fine print listing exclusions, conditions and limitations; this is simple to understand and to know what your cost and benefit is.  If you have questions we can answer you directly without calling an insurance company’s voicemail. Since there are no claims to file and track, the result is savings that we can pass back directly to you.

What’s included:

100% covered:

  • All of your prescribed hygiene appointments
  • 2 dental exams by the doctor each year
  • All necessary x-rays


  • Teeth whitening – $50 off
  • Buy one dental product, get one ½ off
  • 5% off all dental procedures
  • $50 off splint adjustment
  • One complimentary emergency exam/yr.
  • Refer a friend bonus
  • Johnson Dental deals at local area businesses
  • Great prizes from members-only drawings

*one time a year use only


  • It’s not insurance; no third party; no red tape
  • Affordable and predictable cost
  • No waiting period
  • No deductible ever
  • No annual maximum
  • No claim forms
  • No pre-authorizations
  • Choice of coverage to fit your needs
  • Know your exact coverage before treatment

Lifetime Smiles Members enjoy discounts at these local businesses:

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How do I qualify?

  • You must be a patient of record of Johnson Dental (that means you have had a comprehensive exam in our practice)
  • You agree to partner with us to create the savings:
    • Keep your appointments with us on time as scheduled
    • Keep your account balance zero by paying at the time of service or before

What is it, how does it work?

  • A membership amount is paid up front to build your dental savings account, so by the time of your preventative visit, your account will have enough to cover that appointment. The membership payment goes into your “savings account” and builds from there. THIS IS YOUR MONEY. WE DON’T KEEP A PENNY. It’s also yours to withdraw at any time, for any reason.
  • Smart Smile Plans includes:  2-4 healthy mouth cleanings and Dr. exams per year and all necessary x-rays
  • Periodontal Maintenance Plans include:  2-4 periodontal maintenance visits and doctor exams per year and all necessary x-rays
  • Both plans include 5% savings for all other dental services such as fillings, gum treatments and major restorative or cosmetic services
  • No yearly maximum on benefits


  • All membership benefits described apply only to services provided directly by Johnson Dental.
  • Dental warranty is valid only when prescribed hygiene intervals are maintained within 2 weeks of recommended time.
  • Benefits may not be combined with other offers or discounts.

Failure to make payment:  If you fail to make all monthly payments for your annual membership, your membership will be stopped immediately and you will be billed for services you’ve received at regular fees minus membership payments made

What’s the catch?

No catch, no hidden costs.
This plan reflects the fact that those who meet the conditions of the Lifetime Smiles Membership cost us less to serve. This is a way to pass these reduced costs back to you, plus some added benefits for your loyalty to our practice.

What’s the cost?

Initial membership payment (Builds up your account-Your $, not ours)$99 per person
Smart Smile plans:
2 healthy mouth hygiene visits per year$40/ month
3 healthy mouth hygiene visits per year$50/ month
4 healthy mouth hygiene visits per year$60/ month
Periodontal maintenance plans:
3 maintenance visits per year$65/ month
4 maintenance visits per year$80/ month

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