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A Dentist’s Guide To Healthy Gums

May 25, 2021

Gum diseases can affect people of all ages and can be extremely painful if left untreated. It is best to take certain preventive measures and shoo away the disease even before it can come into your life. In its advanced stages, periodontal disease can prove to be a serious menace and lead to tooth loss as well. Our dentists at Johnson Dental have come up with a checklist that will enable you to take care of your gums effectively.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease or Periodontal disease is a multi-staged infection of the gums which can be reversed and managed in its earlier stages. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of swollen gums, bleeding gums, and even sensitivity. We tend to ignore these signs and the infection advances to its later stages. This is when it becomes excruciatingly painful and can lead to dental complications too.

Some Tips And Tricks For Healthy Gums

Following a good oral routine can do the trick and protect you from the risk of this infection. Additionally, these preventive measures mentioned below will help you to take your dental care routine up a notch.

Regular Brushing

Might sound like something you have been hearing since childhood, but this is the holy grail for averting all sorts of dental issues. You must brush regularly twice a day. Make sure you get every corner of your mouth. Use gentle pressure otherwise, you might do more harm than good. A soft-bristled brush must be used and it must be replaced every two to three months. You can also switch to an electric toothbrush for effective cleaning, but only after consulting with the dentist.

Floss your Ivories

Dental floss can clean out the food particles stuck in between your teeth. Oftentimes, we tend to ignore this piece of information and skip flossing altogether. Excessive plaque and tartar accumulation might increase your chances of suffering from gum disease. Hence, you must pick up that flimsy dental filament and floss every day without fail. This will be good practice for healthy teeth.

Don’t Forget Your Tongue

We forget about our tongues while we are brushing. This is a grave mistake as our tongues are breeding grounds for harmful microbes. Use your tooth to give your tongue a thorough cleanse. Ignoring this tip might lead to halitosis as well as periodontitis.

Choose the Correct Toothpaste

Nowadays, people tend to focus more on their cosmetic concerns and gravitate towards whitening toothpaste. It is imperative to use a toothpaste rich in fluoride. It is an important element that helps to strengthen our teeth and prevents the onset of various dental problems.

Check What You Munch On

Your diet plays an important role in your oral and overall health. Cut out sugary drinks and candies from your diet. Sugar can affect your teeth adversely and pave the way for cavity formation. Increase your chicken and dairy product consumption. They are a rich source of protein and will strengthen your teeth’ enamel. Fresh fibrous fruits and vegetables can provide you with all the nutritional requirements for maintaining good oral health. You must also reduce drinking coffee, tea, and wine to avoid tooth discoloration.

Regular Dental Appointments

Regular dental checkups are a must if you want healthy gums. There are several signs and symptoms which we might miss out on. A dentist is trained to detect these signs and can easily diagnose anything which might be concerning. This also helps in timely treatment and prevents the onset of fatal health complications. The dental cleanings given at the end of the appointment are an effective solution to get rid of plaque from the inaccessible areas of your mouth. This will keep your oral cavity healthy and leave you feeling squeaky clean.

We hope this blog will help you to keep your gums healthy. However, if you are looking for the best gum therapy service in Wheat Ridge, CO then visit us today!