Everything You Need to Know About Toothaches

Everyone knows the pain and discomfort toothaches can cause, but did you know toothaches are often a warning sign of a more serious oral issue? In many cases, tooth pain can simply be a result of a cavity. Though cavities should be addressed promptly, that could be the least of your problems when a toothache arises. There are numerous causes of tooth pain, and many require immediate attention to prevent the problem from worsening.

If you’ve been experiencing dental pain, you should contact Johnson Dental in Wheat Ridge, CO. At our office, we know the importance of addressing toothaches as they arise. The dentists here at Johnson Dental care about their patients, and oral health is their first concern. Take a moment to learn more about tooth pain, what causes it, and how you can prevent it. We’re happy to fill you in!

Potential Causes of Toothaches

There’s a variety of potential causes of tooth pain, and some are much more serious than the next. It’s always important to consult with a dentist when tooth pain presents itself, as some causes could require immediate attention. Take a look at some common causes:

  • Chipped or cracked tooth
  • Tooth decay
  • Infected root of tooth (abscessed tooth)
  • Grinding teeth (bruxism)
  • Infected gums
  • Damaged filling

Common Symptoms to Look For

Though toothaches are often easily noticed, as they are painful and discomforting, many patients ignore the pain, thinking it could be temporary. However, any tooth pain should be concerning. If ignored, the cause of pain can worsen and require more invasive treatments to solve the problem. Below is a list of symptoms you should look for:

  • Constant throbbing pain
  • Tooth pain from applied pressure
  • Swollen and painful gums
  • Foul taste in mouth
  • Headache

As mentioned, every patient should contact Dr. Johnson when experiencing tooth pain, regardless of its severity. Toothaches can sometimes lead to tooth loss, not to mention costly treatments for other severe cases. Of course, there are plenty of ways you can help prevent toothaches from occurring.

How Tooth Pain Can Be Prevented

Most often, toothaches are caused by decay, which means they can usually be prevented. To prevent tooth pain, you should maintain a thorough oral hygiene routine, consisting of brushing twice a day (and even between meals) as well as flossing each day. To further protect your teeth, you can use fluoride toothpaste and, of course, visit Johnson Dental for dental checkups and professional cleanings twice a year. Here, Dr. Johnson can assess your mouth and ensure your teeth are in great health.
If you’ve experienced tooth pain, be sure to contact us today and schedule an appointment!